Mauritius has some serious heats day even if it does not go that high like in Austria. Those popsicles recipes came from a misadventure that Michael and I had. We took it positively and are glad to share our creations with you. These frozen treat aren’t just for kids as any adult also needs some refreshments during summertime. Of course, they are healthy, versatile, refreshing and fruity. They all require minimal prep and are the perfect desserts to entertain your guests after a barbecue. Feel free to make them creamy by adding bananas, coconut milk or cashews.



Photo: @michaelinmauritius


Very easy and fancy to impress your friends. For 4 popsicles, you will need 1 small ripped mango, 1 or 2 tablespoons water, 1/8 watermelon and 1 kiwi to decorate. Mixed mango and water on low speed in a blender. Pour in the molds. Add kiwi slices by pressing them firmly but gently on the side of the molds. Now blend the watermelon on medium speed and pour on the mango puree. Use aluminium foil to hold the wooden sticks. Freeze.



Photo:- @michaelinmauritius


This one is so refreshing and great if you love lemon with mint. Serves 4. 270g diced cucumber, 60g green grape, juice of 1 small limette, a pinch of salt, 2 tablespoons water and big mint leaf. Blend all inredients together at medium speed in a blender. Press some mint leaves on the side of the molds then pour the puree. Freeze overnight.



Photo: @michaelinmauritius


I love pomegranate and don’t know why Michael does not like them. You will probably find yourself with extra mango puree from the first recipe. If so, just add juice of a lemon to it and a bit of water. Mix well. Put some pomegranate seeds in 4 molds and pour the mango puree. Voila! Also freeze overnight.



Photo: @michaelinmauritius


This flavor is our favorite and we already did it 3 times. I even lunch on them. Serves 4, 280g cucumber, juice of 1 lemon, a pinch of salt, 1 1/2 tablespoons agave syrup, 2 tablespoons water and small red grapes to decorate. Mix all except the red grapes in a blender on low speed. Put 2 grapes in each mold and cover with a bit puree. Repeat. Each mold will contain 6 grapes. Freeze and enjoy!


Now you have no excuse not to make popsicles. Just buy a mold or be creative with what you have at home, pour in various liquids that taste good, and wait for the magic to happen. Trust me, you will never settle for store-bought ice pops again! Let us know if you have tried one of those recipes. Use the hashtag #shareloveback if you post it on instagram.


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  1. I found you two on instagram and I’m an instant fan of your recipes. Looking forward to your new delicious vegan recipes. Greetings from Stuttgart, Germany 🙂

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