It was one of those cloudy days when I arrived at my hotel in Mauritius. It was raining the whole way from the airport, mixed with a cool breeze. Not the best weather to start my holidays in paradise. But when I saw this girl with the curly hairs standing behind the poolbar I knew this trip will be good.

It was June 2006 and the truth is, these two weeks on this beautiful island were not only good – they changed our lives forever.


It took me one week to get her attention but after that we spent every free minute together – until my abrupt departure, when the hotel staff stormed in my room to tell me that I have only fifteen minutes until the transfer bus to the airport will leave. I did not pack yet – I thought I had one more day left. So fifteen minutes to put all my stuff together and find her for a fast good-bye. It was intense, and it was sad. So many things I wanted to tell her, so much in my head – but we kept silent. I guess we both knew what went through our minds in this moment.


Back in Vienna, after some weeks and some huge phone bills, I quitted my job at a bank and booked a flight. I needed to know if this can work – me and this beautiful girl 8500 kilometers away.

I was very nervous when I left the airplane. What will it feel like when we meet again? Will she still like me? And what will her parents say? Was the decision to come back for a whole month too rash? Well, I finally stayed four months. She showed me her island and with every day that passed we knew the good-bye this time will really hurt.

The following two and a half years were a steady coming and going. Both of us took the 15-hours trip as often as possible, knowing that this situation w
as not the best base for our relationship. So I asked her to marry me. And we married. Three years after we met the first time we were husband and wife.


We moved to Vienna – and now, eleven years later, we are back where everything began. Living our dream.


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