Instagram is a great way to promote what you offer and build a community around you and your work, whether that’s a personal interest or for business. Over the past 2 years, I’ve grown my following by tens of thousands. Not with any tricks – just by finding time in the daily routine to consistently create and share relevant, beautiful images. Now I’m sharing what I’ve learnt so you can apply the same approach! In my Styling and Photography (smartphone only), I will help you improve your technique and gain skills that will help you grow your following.

Natural Food Styling: learn basics on how to prep, prop and style food for a picture using real food and natural techniques so that you can still eat the food and feed your family. Play in our prop room! Ask all your questions regarding how to plate, style and prop your most challenging foods.

Create beautiful images that your followers will love, not just like:

  • Shooting in natural light
  • Composition
  • Styling
  • Getting the best from your smartphone camera
  • Editing photographs
  • Hashtags
  • Visual Story Telling
  • Building a Community and Finding Your Tribe

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