A smoothie bowl has an extra thick consistency that is best eaten with a spoon means using slightly less liquid than usual. Who does not want to eat a healthy thick, rich, and creamy mostly like ice cream for breakfast without any guilty. You right? Me too!!!!

Even though frozen bananas is the basic ingredient, the best part is that you can freestyle it anyway you want and use any topping of choice. From nuts like roasted sliced almonds, chia seeds, shredded coconut, granola to anything that challenge your taste. If you are not ready for the unknown yet, I will help you go though this Insta trend and make your friends drool on your pictures because hey! Sharing is caring. The method is easy and the same. You will need a blender working at its maximum. Throw everything inside blend, blend, blend and that’s it. Try one of these amazing recipes this week and get ready to feel like you are living on a tropical island. Are you ready? Get your blender. Go!!


1. Vegan Berry Smoothie Bowl



3 frozen bananas

1 cup frozen mix berries

1/4 cup plant based milk of your choice

Agave Syrup (Optional if you find the berries to sour)


2. Vegan Summer Smoothie Bowl

Photo: @eatwithfingers


2 frozen bananas

2 cups frozen mangoes

1 cup frozen papaya

1/4 cup coconut water


3. Vegan Freestyle Smoothie Bowl

Photo: @eatwithfingers


Remember I talked about freestyling? Yes, that’s one of them. This is lazy smoothie bowl. I added chia seeds, frozen spinach, frozen bananas, frozen berries, frozen mangoes and a bit coconut milk. Don’t be scared. Challenge your flavor.